Metroid Other M Hate, Why?

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Throughout the last couple of weeks I have seen a lot of Metroid Other M hate coming from Nintendo Fanboys, and people fans of games in general. This hate started after Nintendo released the teaser trailer for Metroid Other M. For people who don't know what Metroid Other M is, it is a 2.5D Metroid developed by TeamNinja and Nintendo. The hate pretty much surrounded that one teaser trailer, because the fans didn't like that Samus has a voice. They also didn't like the way she looked. After reading some comments on Twitter and other social networking sites, I really started to believe that gamers complain about anything. In my opinion, Why complain about voice acting in a game? I am sure plenty other of games have terrible voice acting as well. Plus I really think that stories in games have really ruined the way we play games, because it seems like no one actually plays games to have fun anymore; It is all about the story now. In my opinion I think that stories in games should really be in the very last part of development, and developers should refine the gameplay more than the characters voice.
Overall, I really think that all gamers need to chill out about this all Samus looks and talks weird thing. If gamers imagined Samus to have a different voice, then they should just go to college, and major in programming, and develop a all-new Metroid game yourself.

Here is the trailer:

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