No More Heroes 2 TOTS Demo

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I can't wait for this game. It is going to be one of the best games for the wii in 2010.

Nintendo to Bring New Wii Remote Colors Valentine's Day 2010

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Below is an excerpt from a Nintendo Press Release:

To bring a little color to the winter months, Nintendo will release two new colors for its Wii Remote™ controller. Starting Feb. 14, the controller will come in Pink or Blue and will be bundled with a Wii MotionPlus™ accessory. Along with the current White and Black versions of the controller, now every player in four-player matches can have his or her own color.

Nintendo of America will be releasing the new Wii Remote colors Valentine's Day, I assume for couples (guys get blue, gals get pink, if following traditional logic) in North America. A price has yet to be determined, but expect it to be Black Wii Remote priced as it comes with MotionPlus and the extended Wii Remote Jacket.

Neither color seems interesting enough for me to pick one up, but if they had pimpin' purple or blood red...

Source: Nintendo PR

Phoenix Wright Game Announced for Wiiware

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As revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu, Capcom is bringing its three Phoenix Wright"courtroom battle" games to Nintendo's WiiWare service. Today the publisher confirmed that the releases will be making their way to the US beginning in January. Capcom intends to release the games every other month (January, March and May) for 1,000 Wii Points ($10) apiece, with "Rise from the Ashes," the extra case added to the DS Ace Attorney, arriving as DLC in May for 100 Wii Points ($1).

The first game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, is a port of the original Game Boy Advance title -- and, like the two subsequent WiiWare editions, Justice for All and Trials and Tribulations, remains unchanged from its original release (read: same graphics, sound, dialog) save for the ability to swing the Wii Remote out (as in the image above, which is one-off, non-sprite art) to object and present evidence to the court. They'll all be presented in widescreen, but the actual gameplay only takes up a 4:3 area on top of an animated background. Nevertheless, the games are still superb, and at $10 with the ability to play them on the big screen you won't hear any objections from us.

Pretty awesome, can't wait. Even though I have never played the DS game, I guess this my chance.


Zelda Surprise for E3 2010

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Nintendo has recently came out and said this week that the latest Zelda game for Wii that is currently in development, will appear at Nintendo's Media Event at E3 2010. According to some developers working on the project, they say that the announcement will be ground breaking, and take much different turn than the previous Zelda games. They have also said that Wii Motion Plus is the perfect fit for the next Zelda game, and they think fans will be thrilled with the results. We still don't have a release date for Zelda Wii, but rumors are going around that it may launch next fall. Overall I am all for change in the Zelda games, because the last few Zelda games felt a little copy and pasted. So bring on the innovation Miyamoto, I am all for it. Don't worry about all the gamers out there that want the same game developed the same way year after year(*cough* Guitar Hero and Rock Band*cough*).



Wii Nunchuk Shown In New Lady GaGa Music Video

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In the latest GaGa music video for Bad Romance, you can clearly see around 2:40 that there are some Wii Nunchuks in frame and used to control... something. Seems like some sort of new age eBay auctioning with Nunchuk control. Mmm, sounds cool, but unnecessary.

WARNING: Vid may be a bit NSFW:


Club Nintendo Elite Reward 2010 Calendar

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I got it today. :D This Club Nintendo 2010 Calendar was exclusively available to
those who reached Gold status for 2009. Better than expected.

Club Nintendo 2010 Calendar Quick Look

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Today I checked the mail and saw this in my mailbox. This is a quick look of the Club Nintendo 2010 Calendar available to those who reached Gold status for fiscal year 2009.

All photos were taken with the DSi Camera. Was far too lazy to make a video.

Overall a very awesome calendar.

Nintendo Accidentally Reveals DSi Speak Channel, Bing has the Proof

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“To redeem a Nintendo DSi Download Ticket number, such as for the Nintendo DSi Speak Channel, enter the number off the Nintendo DSi Download Ticket in ‘Settings and Features’ off of the main Nintendo DSi Shop page, then select Nintendo DSi Download Ticket.”

It seems Nintendo's tech support team is had a bit of a SNAFU, accidentally posting the above quote in the Support section. They've since removed it, but it is still cached by Bing (and most likely, Google). You can take a look for yourself here.

Although one must wonder why someone would need a download ticket for a DSi Speak Channel when the Mic is built in... I say everyone hold off on getting a DS headset until more details are revealed.


No More Heroes 2 Henry Trailer

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This game is looking better, and better.


Nintendo Sees First Profit Drop in 6 Years

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"Nintendo may cut its profit projection about 30 percent because of sluggish sales in the first half, the price cut for the Wii and currency-related impact," said Satoru Kikuchi, analyst at Deutsche Bank AG in Tokyo to Bloomberg. "Investors are expecting the company to fully reflect its business environment in its forecast."

It's predicted Nintendo's Net Income will probably decline 11 percent to 249.3 billion yen ($2.7 billion) this fiscal year, according to 10 analysts asked by Bloomberg. The will be the first drop since March 2004.

Nintendo will report their total earnings on October 29. All I have to say is, isn't one Wii console enough for every family on the face of the earth.


Europe Gets Black Wii, North America Probably Has To Wait

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The bundle will contain a black Wii console, matching Wii Remote, Wii MotionPlus and Wii Nunchuk, as well as a copy of Wii Sports Resort and the original Wii Sports. The black Wii Remote, Wii MotionPlus and Nunchuk will be available to purchase separately from November 20, as well as a black Classic Controller Pro. Those same controllers were also announced for the US market, though without the matching console.

I wouldn't worry about never getting the Black Wii in the US, I mean, just look at the White DSi. I expect a release either next Spring, or with the launch of Monster Hunter Tri.


Charles Martinet Drops Hints on Twitter About New Mario Game

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Big day tomorrow! Seattle for a new Mario game! Yippee!!! And just as a joke, it's going to San Francisco tomorrow!

Mama Mia!!!! I'm going to Seattle this week to record a new Mario game! Woo Hooo!!!!! I can hardly wait!!!!1

So apparently Charles Martinet also tweeted "Awesome new Mario Game! And it's not NSMB Wii, and it's not Galaxy 2, but it's going to be crazy fun!" although the tweet could not be found. So, yes, new Mario game, if of course this is the REAL Charles Martinet and not an imposter like the Professor Layton guy.


Nintendo MIGHT Make A Bombshell Announcement on Nintendo Channel, Get Connected

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Of course, we're all about providing our fans with surprises, so here's a tease for you: We're working on a little surprise for those who connect their Wii to the Internet, so keep your eye on the Nintendo Channel for that announcement to come in the near future. -Denise Kaigler, VP of Marketing and Corporate Affairs

What could this be? Who knows. Could it have something to do with Charles Martinet talking about a new Mario game? Could this be the amazing update that we all are speculating will fix issues with online play that Reggie has always said they're working on? Could it just be more info on Kid Icarus/Metroid: Other M/Sin & Punishment 2/Luigi's Mansion (lol)? Only time will tell.


The Beatles: Rock Band Sells More Than GH5 in Sept, Other NPD Numbers

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After a last minute delay last week, The NPD Group today released its video game sales data for the month of September. Following five consecutive months of decline, total industry sales were just barely up (1% increase) year-over-year to $1.28 billion. Software was up 5% to $649.32 million, while hardware was down 6% to $472.28 million. Accessories, driven by Wii MotionPlus and Wii Remote sales, were up 2% to $157.33 million.

In terms of hardware, PS3 was the top selling console with 491.8K units sold. Nintendo's Wii wasn't that far behind with 462.8K units, followed by Xbox 360 with 352.6K units. The top selling piece of hardware, however, remains the Nintendo DS with 524.2K units; the DS has topped hardware for six consecutive months. PSP and PS2 meanwhile sold 190.4K and 146K units, respectively. It's pretty clear that PS3 got a huge lift from the price drop.

In a nutshell, The Beatles is a name to be reckoned with, and price drops are a powerful tool to world domination.


Wii Gets the Mother of All Accessories, TVs Quiver in Fear

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Although we've seen gun-motes for the Wii before, a Chinese company at the show has upped the firepower with a 1:1 scale Heckler & Koch MP5 sub-machine gun for the Wii. However, rather than using Nintendo's own controllers for the gun, the company implemented full Wiimote, nunchuck - and - MotionPlus functionality into it. With a built-in rechargeable battery that juices up via USB, it boasts a built-in speaker and it will rumble when you get hit in supported games.

The image above is shown for the US market (because pretty much if you don't have the orange tip you'll get mowed down by the Police here, doubt there's a tip in Japan, guns are illegal there and everyone assumes all guns pointed in their faces are toys). This peripheral is not only very tempting to use in games, but it looks really good and of the highest quality for plastic (something I don't say often about Chinese made products). I'll be sure to import one if it's never officially released here.

Reggie Fires Back On Apple, Kicks Ass, Takes Names

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At a special event in San Francisco on Friday Apple Senior VP of Worldwide Product Marketing, Philip W. Schiller, had stern words for handheld gaming competitors Nintendo and Sony. Schiller voiced his opinion that compared to the PSP and DS, the iPhone and iPod Touch are "superior" gaming platforms. Schiller cited price as one of Apple's strongest allies, where $35 and $40 handheld games are simply "too expensive."

Today, Nintendo of America CEO Reggie Fils-Aime fired back at Apple in an interview with the Washington Post, claiming "The DS, with its dual screens, offers an experience that cannot be replicated on a smartphone." In addition to Apple, Reggie also leaned into Sony's new PSP Go, pointing-out that it has a "fundamental concept problem" and is vague in what how it benefits the consumer.

Truly Reggie has kicked some ass, and taken some names.

Apple, quality over quantity. Most of the games on the App Store are either crap, remakes or Duck Hunt Gear Solid. THAT's why there's thousands of them, THAT's why they're so cheap. Also, touch-only games without any real buttons whatsoever is a bad idea. Trust me, I've played Wolfenstein on an iPhone (and on PC before). Moving was damn near impossible to get right with a touch screen only interface.


Shigeru Miyamoto Displays Interest in HD

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"I don't think there's anything wrong with pretty graphics, and if I'm a consumer that has an HDTV, I'd want to be able to play my games with nice graphics too. And I think as we've seen the penetration rates for HDTV increase, we're going to see video games and Nintendo's games move along in step with the progression of technology," said Miyamoto.

"But what I don't think is necessarily true is that the graphics itself is something that's going to make the gameplay experience better. So we're still going to focus on the gameplay, but we'll take advantage of the technology as it comes out."

On one hand, Nintendo is probably gearing up to announce a new system soon. It will be great, look great on HDTV and have the amazing games only the mind of Shiggy could come up with.

On the other hand, Nintendo might stay behind a bit and only catch up to, probably 360 horsepower.

Either way, I hope they keep Mario unchanged. Otherwise he'll go from this to this.


Download Extended Swords & Soldiers Soundtrack for 4 Euros!

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Last June Ronimo Games released their first commercial game: Swords & Soldiers for WiiWare. And fun was had by all!

Now that the dust has settled, it turns out people really enjoyed their time with Swords & Soldiers! Metacritic was kind enough to calculate how much fun people had. Their conclusion was that people had about 84 funs with the game! And that's just some numbers. Numbers by critics. We've also seen lots of words. Words by gamers. And most of those were very positive as well!

But we didn't make Swords & Soldiers completely by ourselves. We had help from the handsome guys at Sonic Picnic, who composed a great soundtrack and created a lot of neat sound effects. They even agreed to have us come over to their studio and record our voices. So the next time you're submerged deep into the happy cacophony that is the Swords & Soldiers audio, think of those nice guys at Sonic Picnic.

And now they've decided to make extended versions of the songs in that great soundtrack commercially available. And to celebrate, we're giving away one
original song for free! You can find all the details right here:

Together we'd like to thank you all for your support. To show you we
really mean it, we've asked Olga to help us out. The results are beautiful, I think you'll agree.

Our friends over at Ronimo Games have just released the soundtrack to their acclaimed title: Swords & Soldiers. Go buy the soundtrack and don't forget to buy Swords & Soldiers on WiiWare!

Nintendo Named BusinessWeek's World's Best Company

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According to BusinessWeek's list of "The World's Best Companies," pretty great! Nintendo is ranked first on the list of 40 companies with "a commitment to innovation, diversified portfolios, aggressive expansion, strong leadership, and a clear vision for the future," based on a metric involving growth rate and percentage of business done outside of the company's home region. In second and third place: Google and Apple.

If you can't be assed to read the quote, they named Nintendo the "World's Best Company" because they print money and tons of it. Post your response to this in the comments!


Epic Mickey Confirmed, Wii exclusive

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Considering the amount of concept art and leaked details we've heard concerning Disney Interactive Studios and Junction Point's upcoming collaboration, this might not come as a shock to you, but the cover of the next issue of Game Informer confirms the existence of Epic Mickey. Details are slim, but we now know that it'll be a Wii-exclusive action title and, based on the paintbrush grasped by the iconic rodent on the cover, we suspect it will incorporate the illustrative elements mentioned by an anonymous informant back in July.

Well, seems like Wii users are going to be able to play the game that Kingdom Hearts SHOULD'VE been. I'm actually quite happy, as Disney seems determined to make their icon a bit more mature, but the game will probably only get a Teen rating. I'm actually excited for the game. Let us know how excited you are in the comments!


Pre-Order At GameStop; Get Exclusive Items

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Reserve Red Steel 2 and receive 2 GameStop Exclusive in-game swords. These swords are so beautifully designed that your enemies would be honored to be stabbed by one. Available online and in-store while supplies last.
Reserve Rabbids Go Home and receive 2 GameStop Exclusive in-game Rabbids. The Splinter Rabbid and Assassin Rabbid in-game characters are only available when you pre-order through GameStop. Available online and in-store while supplies last.

I find it strange that Ubisoft woud have exclusive costumes for Rabbids Go Home of characters in games that we'll probably never get to play on Wii (Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell & Assassin's Creed). gg Ubisoft.



Wii System Update 4.2 Released

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This morning I checked my Wii because the blue light was on, and lo and behold there's a system update!

This time around Nintendo's getting brutal. This update deletes ALL homebrew, the Homebrew Channel, the preloader, bootmii, and blocks any homebrew from being reinstalled. Additionally, there are performance tweaks and an update to the Wii Shop Channel.

Source 1: My Wii

Source 2

Note: Hear Mii does not condone hacking or piracy, but we understand that there are legitimate uses for the Homebrew Channel (i.e. the camera hack for Super Smash Bros. Brawl).

Suda 51 Talks about his Future on the Wii

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In a recent IGN interview, Mark Bozon sat down with the No More Heroes creator Suda 51. The main question asked in the interview, was whether the No More Heroes franchise will stay on a Nintendo platform. Suda replied,

"I still think that No More Heroes and Wii is a good match, and that for the game we need motion controls, and that's why it works so well on Wii. Even if Travis's story is finished with number two, and we decide to make another No More Heores game within the No More Heroes world or setting I still think that it should be on a Nintendo platform, and more specifically the Wii 2 later down the line. I'm assuming that for the next Wii Nintendo will do more impressive motion controls, and that's what No More Heroes is all about. Right now though we're working on making No More Heroes 2 as strong as can be, so I'm not really thinking about a third game currently."

Nintendo fans should be overjoyed after that statement. I for one can't wait for the sequel of No More Heroes, and any other game in that series. I am a little confused about what Suda said how he wants to create a Wii 2 game, because Nintendo's motion controls will improve. It makes me wonder why he scratched Wii Motion Plus from the second game. I can't wait to see what Suda 51 does with the world of No More Heroes. I feel that it has so much potential.


Hear Mii Now Hiring

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In the recent weeks we have hit a point in which we need more help to keep this site going. We're looking for a variety of writers to write for Hear Mii. The following voluntary positions are now opened:

Written Reviewer: 2
Video Reviewer: 2
News Editor for Hear Mii News: 1

If you're interested in a volunteer postition, contact TheAssailant6661 (me) at We ask that you submit the following:

-Sample writings/videos (2 min)
-Online Handle (like TheAssailant6661) (Please be creative)
-Age, Gender(optional), Location (We don't discriminate, we're just curious, also we need to know your Time Zone, so I ask for location)
-Other 7th Generation Consoles Owned

Once we've reviewed your information, we'll let you know by email if you're on the team or not.

Currently all positions are volutary, but in the future we hope to start paying the content providers (remember kids, it's Quality over Quantity).

We hope the best of luck to all applicants!


Nintendo Channel Update Now Available in NA

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The update previously only released in Japan has finally hit stateside. In the update, you can expect a couple of new things:

1. New High Quality vids and an option to switch between them.
2. Add games
to a favorites list, perfect if you're buying a bunch
3. Video
4. Easy access to gameplay records & other records
5. Easier access to DS Demos & DLC
6. You can now Recommend DS
titles (I assume you can also reccomend DSiWare) by connecting your DS
More that I have yet tocome across in 2 minutes of use.

Source: My Wii

New No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle trailer

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Wow, NMH2 is looking good. Also, I had no idea Suda had such an amazing voice and could speak perfect English. Guess he won't need anymore translators mirite?


Lost Winds Sequel Announced

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Does anyone remember the most under rated game on Wiiware called Lost Winds. Well, if you have, you know very well that it is a wonderful game for Wiiware that introduced what downloadable indie games can do on the Wii. If you were one of those people that loved the game, then you are in luck, because Frontier Games the developer of the first Lost Winds are creating a sequel, and here is a debut trailer for, Lost Winds Chapter 2. The game will hit the Wii download store this winter.


Internet Channel Updates, Now Free

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Nintendo has just released a new update to the Internet Channel. This new update upgrades Flash from version 7 to Lite 3.1 (which corresponds ot Version 8). I'm guessing there are also some performance tweaks aswell.

Additionally, the Internet Channel will now be 100% free. Nintendo will also offer to those who paid 500 points for the Internet Channel a free NES Virtual Console game in October.

Source: Nintendo Message on Wii Message Board

Netflix/Hulu coming to Wii

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Okay, So we all have heard the rumors about Netflix and Hulu being interested about putting their content on the Nintendo Wii. Well now it is a reality, because for only 40 bones Wii owners can recieve streaming from Hulu and Netflix. Thanks to a service called Playon, it will allow Wii users to stream through the Internet channel. Wii owners can expect a 14-day free trial before paying the $39.99 one time fee. However a official releas date hasn't been announced, but the people at Playon says it is coming soon. For more information about this company click here.


Wii Football Controller?

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It seems that Nintendo is trying to reach out to all the casual gamers by releasing more pieces of plastic, or in this case Pigskin. It isn't available yet, but Nintendo has filed patents for a wii remote holder that looks like a football. Nintendo has said it might improve you Madden Expierence, just like what the Wii Zapper did for the Wii First Person Shooter. And if we all know Nintendo well this is going to have to come with a game. What I would like to see is a Mii Supported football game, with blood.


"And Yet It Moves" coming to wii

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The classic PC flash platformer, And Yet It Moves, is coming to Wiiware in the near future. In this game you play as a paper dude, and you have to rotate around the world to get to your objective. In other words the game is a puzzle game. If my explanation sounds confusing, well that is the point. The game is a complete visual masterpiece, almost reminding me of the art style of LittleBigPlanet, for the Playstation 3. The game is very interesting, and many wii owners should definitely download this game from Wiiware, when it is released this year.


Wii Developers Are Serious?

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It is hard to believe that a third-party wii developer is taking the wii seriously, with all those mini-game collections, and some what over hyped First Person Shooters. Well, 2K Sports is trying to change that will NHL 2K10. The game will be fully featured using Wii Motion Plus, Mii Support, and online features with Wii Speak. I know shocking isn't it. They still haven't announced a release date for it yet, but Wii owners should definitely keep this on their radar.


HeartGold & SoulSilver Announced for NA & Europe

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The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo of America Inc. revealed today that Pokémon™ HeartGold Version and Pokémon™ SoulSilver Version for the Nintendo DS™ and Nintendo DSi™ systems will be released in spring 2010 in the United States and Europe. These newest entries for the best-selling video game franchise were announced amid the biggest Pokémon video game event of the year and in front of the top Pokémon video game and trading card game players in the world at the 2009 Pokémon World Championships.

Hooray, I can't wait for Pokemon's spring season to buy both versions because I'm THAT hardcore when it comes to Pokemon.


NPD Group Numbers for July 2009 Are In

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PlayStation 2 108K
PlayStation 3 121.8K
PSP 122.8K
Xbox 360 202.9K
Wii 252.5K
Nintendo DS 538.9K

NCAA FOOTBALL 10 (360) 376.5K
FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 4 (360) 116.4K

(*includes CE, GOTY editions, bundles, etc. but not those bundled with hardware)

Wow, what an amzing feat for Wii Sports Resort considering it's been out for only half a month, then again it's not pulling Brawl release numbers. It actually almost feels good knowing only 2 games that made the top ten were on non-Nintendo platforms, and for those wondering, no, Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros and Pokemon are NOT casual titles. I consider myself a hardcore Pokemon fan.

Here's an analysis:

The U.S. video games industry declined for the fifth consecutive month, bringing year-to-date sales to $8.16 billion, down 14% from the same time period last year.

In order for the industry to come in flat or slightly up for the total year, the back five months of the year have to come in 11% (or more) higher than the last five months of last year.

While year-to-date results are weak, there are some big titles set to be released over the next several months, including Madden this month, which should help spur sales. The worst comps should be behind us, and looking beyond August we have The Beatles: Rock Band, Halo 3: ODST, and of course, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to look forward to.

Hardware sales have slowed considerably on nearly every platform. The Xbox 360 is the only console system showing a unit sales increase year-to-date, while the NDS has the highest sales of all hardware platforms both for the month, and year-to-date.

NCAA Football 10 was the top selling game for the month, with combined sales of 689K units across all platforms.

Wii Sports Resort was the top-selling software SKU for the month with 508K units sold with a 2.5% attach rate to the hardware install base.

Of all genres, the music/dance genre has suffered the greatest declines this year, with nearly $390 million less revenues than the same time period last year. -Anita Frazier


Ubisoft Grabs Various Red Steel Numbered Domains

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Not only is Ubisoft hard at work on Red Steel 2, they're also busy securing the domain names for any future installments...if those should happen. Ubisoft now owns RedSteel3, RedSteel4, and This obviously doesn't point to plans for any future games, but it doesn't rule them out either.

I say people grab up and piss Ubisoft off. Boy that will be an interesting story to read.

Looks like Ubisoft is really planning for the future. Like some old, smelly, hobo-throwing-spent-heroin-needles used to say, don't count your chickens before they hatch.


Storm's Adventure with The Conduit

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Great graphics, great controls, but as for gameplay...

Our good friend Storm (full name Storm Shadow Dain, no joke) reviews the Conduit.


UK: Metroid Prime Trilogy - Buy 3 get 1 Free

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If you're in the UK and your Metroid Prime Trilogy purchase will be the second time you've bought one of the Prime games, Nintendo has an enticing offer for you. Be one of the first 5,000 to purchase the Wii collection and register it on Club Nintendo, and, provided you've registered Metroid Prime 1, 2, or 3 in the past, you'll get a free Virtual Console download of the NES Metroid game.

Sounds good to me, except there are a couple problems. 1) I don't live in the UK. 2) I never bought Prime 1, 2, or 3. Still good to know that our bloke Mr. Tim will be able to get Metroid free, provided he doesn't already own it.


Trackmania Headed Towards Wii

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It's been announced that Firebrand Games - the team behind the recent Trackmania DS - are on development duties, with the game set to make a public appearance at Germany's big Gamescom 09 show next week.

For our sake lets hope there's more than 1 control option when racing. Then again, maybe MotionPlus can make Wii steering all that much better...


Retro Confirms Corruption Saves Don't Work In MP: Trilogy

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Developer Retro Studios confirmed to IGN today that save files from Corruption will remain incompatible with the forthcoming space bounty hunter epic, Metroid Prime Trilogy.

So basically if you never got around to finishing MP3:Corruption, your best bet is to swap between discs if you don't want to have to start all over again. Luckily for me, I never had a chance to buy Corruption, but I now have the chance to get Trilogy! :D


SEGA Still Interested In Making/Publishing "Core" Titles for Wii

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What we can say is that we’ll still do mature games for the Wii market because with an install base of some 34 million in Europe and America (maybe half of whom don’t own Xbox 360s and PS3s)…. So even if you took half of those where they’re not into those (core) games, you’ve still got 8 million consumers to go for. So I think the sheer scale of the Wii allows a shooter, or a mature game, to be a niche but a successful niche. And because the development costs can be less on Wii, that means you can sell less to be successful…. We can take more risks on the Wii.

It's good to see that after a couple flops and a success SEGA is still interested in Wii's "core" market. Even if that "core" market on Wii is probably (and by probably I'm taking what some haters are trying to say, which also means there's no proof) 10%, that's 5 million users they could sell to if they market it right and make it a good game. It's also interesting to note he pointed out that with Wii devs are able to take a lot more risks, which is certainly true as the developing cost is significantly lower than the 360 or PS3.


RUMOR: Wii Fit Plus Price and Bike Periph. Leaked

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Apparently Wii Fit Plus will cost USD$29.99 standalone and USD$99.99 for the Balance Board bundle. I am speechless about the cycling game, but I'm hoping that it is a 3rd party title. That will apparently cost USD$89.99 at retail with the game and bicycle peripheral.


FlipNote Hatena Gets English Site, NA Release Immanent

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The Flipnote Studio site has recently received an English translation (albeit all the comments and videos are in Japanese) which is pointing to a release in North America soon.

Using Flipnote Studio, users will be able to create their own animation and upload their creations to Hatena. Users can comment on the creations (with text from a computer or writing it out on the DSi), and flag inappropriate penis animations that are sure to flood the system sooner or later.

(Note: Wikipedia is saying without citation that it's already out in NA and Europe and Australia get it Friday with citation).

Edit: Flipnote Studio is actually available in North America right now!


Spyborgs Moved To Earlier Release

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Capcom made the brief announcement that its action title for Wii, Spyborgs, will ship one week earlier than expected. It is now set for release on September 22.

Spyborgs actually looks pretty damn good. I'm almost a bit excited for it. I might pick it up when it comes out. Now if only Capcom had picked a name that was cooler and more attention-grabbing. :/


HVS signs partnership with Terminal Reality

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High Voltage Software officially announced today a partnership with Terminal Reality. The two companies signed a long-term agreement with High Voltage Software, purchasing a lifetime license to use the Infernal Engine.

We already have the most advanced Wii technology available. By incorporating some of the best PS3/360 technology, we are able to really push the envelope with our next wave of titles. said Kerry J. Ganofsky, founder of High Voltage Software.

Could this mean HVS is going to push the Wii envelope further, or are they working to create more games on other systems? Only time will tell.


More People Play The Condut, SEGA and HVS Might Start Printing Money

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As you can see, the number does keep going up, but in increments that clearly indicate more players joining the fray. [Note: Not pictured here, read source for pictures.]

If things keep up like this The Conduit can see a very long life cycle on the Wii, much like how Halo 2 is still the number 1 most played XBOX game (but probably won't match that unless online begins booting players with a large ping to allow a better experience for those who are closest to the server and if they start putting more servers around the world and spreading them out a bit).


Guitar Hero 5 Will Feature 32GB SDHC Card Streaming

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Remember those high-capacity SD cards Nintendo chatted about briefly at GDC this year? They're here, and so is SD streaming. Kiss your mass storage issues goodbye. Guitar Hero 5 will kick of high-capacity cards and SD streaming, and Nintendo is backing the technology for anyone to use thereafter. [sic]

Apparently this will be the first of many to support 32GB SDHC card streaming. As many already know, GHWT and RB2 only accept 2GB SD cards even after the SDHC update. Hopefully now that this is in the Wii SDK we will see other games taking advantage of this, maybe even RB3 if that will ever come out.

So, even though there is a lot of work going on in the Guitar Hero world, I'm beginning to become tired of writing about all the latest news, and this is only day 1. Hopefully this will all go away come September 1st when GH5 launches in North America.


Activision Clarifies Song Import For Guitar Hero 5

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"This is done to bring these songs up to date with enhanced Guitar Hero 5 features like band moments, expert+ drumming (new for World Tour songs) and the new vocal star power. The game reacts to these songs as though they were DLC and are available in the same play modes," Activision explained.

The Wii version will allow you to download on a track-by-track basis meaning you can leave out the songs that suck *coughcough*whativedone*coughcough*. OK, it's not that bad, but it's too easy, so therefore it sucks in a gameplay sense.


Vitality Sensor coming 2010

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Just recently, Iwata stated that the Wii Vitality sensor will be arriving in the first quarter of 2010. He also mentioned that a game is already deep in-development, and will probably be a pack in with the vitality sensor. I hope that the mystery is a new Trauma Center, where you have to keep your heart rate down, in order to stay calm while operating. If you don't, it will be harder to make incisions, because the pointer will be jumping everywhere. Overall, I think the Vitality Sensor is a great piece of hardware, but developers are just going to have to utilize it in their games.


Activision Giving Away GH: Van Halen For Free

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Activision must not have much faith in Guitar Hero: Van Halen (or Guitar Hero 5) if they're willing to give Van Halen away for free when you purchase Guitar Hero 5 during launch month in September. Offer only good in the USA.


Muramasa: The Demon Blade Has An Official Site

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The upcoming game being published in America by XSEED now has its own official English site. The website features trailers, bios, and wallpapers all in an attempt to wet our interests in the game.

There is also a fan art page where you have a chance to win $1000 and your own 15 minutes of fame.

The game launches soon in America on September 8.


Guitar Hero Devs Want MotionPlus

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Bright also said he was excited about Project Natal and other motion-control-related E3 announcements. "We've done prototype motion controls with guitars in the past, with just the accelerometer," he said. "But you just don't get the refined data that you'd get when start throwing in things like they showed at E3. Just the single accelerometer — trying to put the guitar behind your head, the game just doesn't know. Would we be interested [in Natal]? Absolutely. I'm not saying that's what we're doing. But it's cool, it's exciting stuff. Even Wii MotionPlus... there's definitely avenues to be explored there."

The question here is why do they need Natal and MotionPlus for Guitar Hero? At this point the games are as realistic as they need to be without making us buy real instruments to play. I guess it's one of those things you need to work at Activision to understand.


Strange Horseback Wii Periph. discovered, Assie Afraid

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The inflatable seat has a pocket for the Wii remote, which is used to sense movement via the accelerometers. Players hold the nunchuck to simulate holding the reins or, as the Nintendo patent describes, “a raised hand for balance as in Bronco riding, a lasso, a sword or other weapon, etc.”

The fact that this patent exists is worrisome, but it's probably just an optional control method for the new Zelda or Nintendo just patenting random possible things related to the Wii Remote to cockblock a pathetic industry who capitalizes on selling you plastic shells. Remember the Teddy Bear and Bicycle attachments/shells that Nintendo patented about a year ago?



Welcome to Hear Mii News!

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Welcome to Hear Mii News! This is the brand new news section for the Hear Mii site. Why is this site seperate from Well, I figured it would be much easier to allow our viewers the option of whether or not they want to be bombarded with news posts. So therefore will serve up all the Hear Mii original content and Hear Mii News will serve as our news wing.