Nintendo Reveals Budget Line Based on Nintendo Channel Info

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Since the best-selling Wii games are all still selling at full price, Nintendo determined the titles to be released in this collection in a really smart way: with user recommendations from the Nintendo Channel. Each of the games is given a "medal" rank based on the user response, with the most recommended game on the list being Chunsoft's visual novel 428. Other titles in the collection include Muramasa, Arc Rise Fantasia, We Ski & Snowboard, and One Piece and Dragon Ball Z games. See the full list of initial releases after the break.

It's good to see Nintendo bringing back what is basically Player's Choice from GameCube and its other iterations. This time around they're based on rankings from recommendations on the Nintendo Channel. So if it gets a Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze "certification" expect to maybe see it come out on this. Hell, I think Metroid Prime 3 is STILL $50 despite Trilogy.


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