Zelda Surprise for E3 2010

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Nintendo has recently came out and said this week that the latest Zelda game for Wii that is currently in development, will appear at Nintendo's Media Event at E3 2010. According to some developers working on the project, they say that the announcement will be ground breaking, and take much different turn than the previous Zelda games. They have also said that Wii Motion Plus is the perfect fit for the next Zelda game, and they think fans will be thrilled with the results. We still don't have a release date for Zelda Wii, but rumors are going around that it may launch next fall. Overall I am all for change in the Zelda games, because the last few Zelda games felt a little copy and pasted. So bring on the innovation Miyamoto, I am all for it. Don't worry about all the gamers out there that want the same game developed the same way year after year(*cough* Guitar Hero and Rock Band*cough*).

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